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Our Sixth Year
The Hogwarts express had arrived per schedule, and was immediately flooded with the hustle and bustle of students; both old and new boarding. In the background stood their parents; each pair with a different facial expression. Some had a look of pride, some cried and sobbed with joy and sorrow. Some even looked happy to be rid of their children. But none the less, every child felt that they were heading towards their real home...Hogwarts.
"Now remember Isis; if anyone tries to touch you  then just call us and we'll kick his heart out." The young man who spoke was sixth year Ravenclaw student, Logan Williams. Logan's black hair was cut short and close to his head, in a "fade" style. His milk chocolately skin was barely visible through his wizarding robes, with the exception of his head. He possessed a lean figure, which went along well with his occupation as seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
"And then we can jynx him into oblivion." The second voice belonged to another
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Personal Issues
I'm the first to admit
I'm feeling a little lost
Caught in this pseudo-celebrity lifestyle
Like is this what y'all want?
My life watched like it's on TV
Every movement, every action
I wish this life just never happened
I'm just too fucking busy
Or is it too busy fucking
That's where my trust issues came from and I'm just so sorry
Sorry because now I'm passing them to you
This life is damaging; it consumes you
That's why I'm always driving at least 80 on the highway,
I'm so fucking reckless yet
I'm just wondering would anybody miss me if I was gone.
I think people would be happier - I already feel like I don't belong
Nothing worthwhile
I've hurt too many people in my life;
They're sick of sorrys now
Yet that seems like all I can give
Save me, save me
I'm trying to save everybody
Over here drowning while making sure everyone gets to the shore
Taking the weight of the world on my shoulders,
In need of someone to lighten my load
Can't you see, can't you tell, I'm crying out for help
I'm no
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Love by hitokiritora Love :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 1
I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you,
You help me reach
New heights and I'm bringing you along with me,
Because I'm completely in love with you,
I hope you see what you mean to me,
I'm nothing without you here with me
I've finally found someone who loves me,
Loves me for who I am
I searched for this for so long, I had grown weary of the females in this land,
That's why I'm so proud,
Proud that you're with me
The way that we found each other must be destiny
Because I'm in love with you,
You help me reach
New heights and I'm bringing you along with me,
Because I'm completely in love with you,
I hope you see what you mean to me,
I'm nothing without you here with me
I've been created in this world just for you
To love you,
To be with you,
I need you
Because I'm in love with you,
You help me reach
New heights and I'm bringing you along with me,
Because I'm completely in love with you,
I hope you see what you mean to me,
I'm nothing without you here with me
You trust me
You love me
You bring out
The best in
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Comatose Chapter one
It was six o' clock; time for the daily news. Like any city, half of the population in Philadelphia was fixated upon the television as if it were the overlord of the world. A middle aged woman with dirty blonde hair. Her face was slightly warped with age but she looked as eloquent as a queen in her crimson businesswoman suit. "Today on the six o' clock news, tragedy has struck our fair city. Twenty year old Rashad Simmons..." To the right of the woman, a photograph flickered into view. The photograph was of a young man with a milk chocolate complexion. He was a relatively attracted man judging from the picture; small, brown eyes with a beauty mark just under the right one. He had short and neatly groomed hair along with a goatee. In the photograph, Rashad was wearing a smile that made his eyes light up and his cheeks swell to a nice, yet unplump size. Once the image had been up for a few seconds, the anchorwoman ignored it's presence and continued her speech.
"Twenty year old Rashad Si
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Shaman King OC by hitokiritora Shaman King OC :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 0 Tis me by hitokiritora Tis me :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 2 0
Avatar: After the War chap 1
"C'mon Katara, we're going to be late!" Aang stood, overlooking the edge of the Western Air Temple. His torso was covered by red and yellow cloth worn in a toga-esque form; leaving the majority of the right side of his chest and the entirety of his right arm uncovered. His pants were dark gray, and his feet were covered by light brown boots that extended just under his knee. To complete his air nomad outfit, Aang had a crimson piece of cloth tied around his waist like a belt. It had been an entire year since the gang had all been together; an entire year since Aang had defeated Ozai. Since then, the group had been scattered and reduced to twice a year gatherings.
Aang and Katara moved to the Western Air Temple along with Appa and Momo, although they rarely were there. Aang had normally been traveling around the world promoting peace and solving problems, and the few instances that Katara didn't join Aang, she was visiting the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka had become his father's right ha
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Into the Dark by hitokiritora Into the Dark :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 0
My Mona Lisa
to my dedication,
to my letter of admiration to you, the most beautiful girl I know
When you were born, or should I say when you were created by our creator,
He shaped you into a work of art even more beautiful than ever before
And although you already have a name, as we all do when we are born, it doesn't do you justice
In fact there isn't quite a word that matches the beauty and grace that you hold,
the infatuation that I've fallen into, along with the way you stare at me when you catch me staring
All of these things have caused me to label you as my greatest acquired work of art,
My Mona Lisa if you will
And I'm just trying to take you from the Mona Lisa to my Moaning Lisa,
Of course, I know I have to stimulate your mind,
before you let me stimulate your body,
In fact I appreciate the time I'm getting to know the rhythm of you,
so when I finally get into you,
we can make incredible music together, if you get me boo
But for the time being I just want to let you know that I t
:iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 0
Indecent Kairi by hitokiritora
Mature content
Indecent Kairi :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 0 0
Kingdom hearts Wolfie akaAlpha by hitokiritora Kingdom hearts Wolfie akaAlpha :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 2 0 Kingdom Hearts Nick Redone by hitokiritora Kingdom Hearts Nick Redone :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 0 Kingdom Hearts Chris Redone by hitokiritora Kingdom Hearts Chris Redone :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 2 0 Kingdom Hearts Kim Redone by hitokiritora Kingdom Hearts Kim Redone :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 2 0 Kingdom Hearts Thomas Redone by hitokiritora Kingdom Hearts Thomas Redone :iconhitokiritora:hitokiritora 1 0

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